About MGR

Whether you’re looking to invest, borrow, or buy or sell a home, we’re here to help. And our 25+ years of experience right here on the Central Coast means that we know just how to do that.

Trust Deed Investment Specialists

“Making Your Money Make Money” is what we do best. We help investors reap the rewards of a lender in today’s real estate market by specializing in placing private capital, self-directed IRAs, and self-directed 401k-Retirement plans with investments secured by real estate. And the results? Annualized yields have ranged between 8% and 11%. We think that’s pretty good.

Private Money Lending for Real Estate Investments

We offer short term financing opportunities that enable quality borrowers to acquire, remodel, or build investment properties. Because we’re local, underwrite each financing request in house, and work directly with all involved parties, we’re able to make the lending process as quick and efficient as possible.

Traditional Real Estate Services

At MGR Capital, one of our specialties is residential real estate sales throughout San Luis Obispo County. As SLO County locals and licensed California Real Estate brokers, we know exactly how to help buyers find their dream home, and how to help sellers secure fair market value for their home.

Victoria Relva

Victoria Relva • Owner & Broker

CalDRE 01885888

MGR has always been committed to quality over quantity. We’ve been able to maintain that by working together with true professionals and always ensuring that best practices are in place.

Victoria Relva is a seasoned industry professional with expert knowledge of the real estate market. Over the years, she’s been able to build a reputation as someone who can be relied upon to accurately interpret variables, risks, and projections, all while making sure that her clients’ objectives are at the forefront and that best practices are in place.

Victoria has built a strong team of professionals and agencies with whom she’s worked for many years and whose expertise ranges everywhere from escrow/title, to fund control, to the latest real estate laws and compliance. The experienced team at MGR knows how to ensure that each transaction is handled properly and efficiently.

MGR Capital Lending SLO headshot -- Angela

Angela Johnston

Angela Johnston • Lending Support Specialist

Angela Johnston is the newest addition to the MGR team, providing a thoughtful eye to an ever-evolving business. She is leading the team through some new and innovative marketing endeavors and her goal is to show the MGR brand at its truest form, so you can trust your investments are always in good hands. Her eye for detail and thoroughness is a true compliment to expediting loan requests and for the servicing of MGR’s loan portfolio.

Throughout the years, she watched her parents buy and sell real estate and was always interested in the process. When it came time for her and her husband to buy in SLO, she made it a point to understand the real estate and lending process intimately knowing that someday she saw a future career in real estate lending and investing.

She feels very strongly about helping others and strives for effective & timely communication so that MGR’s clients are current on all matters regarding their active transactions. Angela is active in the community and her curiosity and desire for growth makes her the perfect teammate.

MGR Capital Lending SLO headshot -- Toby

Toby Seiler

Toby Seiler • Broker Associate

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Toby has been involved with MGR since its inception, having worked with its founder, Victoria Relva previously in the private money lending industry. What he enjoys most about private money lending is that all stakeholders in the transactions MGR brokers have their interests aligned, with the goal being a successful project that earns an attractive return and produces a quality product.

Toby brings a diverse background in real estate and construction having experience in commercial leasing and property management, residential and commercial construction and real estate sales as a licensed California real estate broker. This skill set lends itself particularly well with the construction lending focus of MGR’s private money program. While Toby is intimately involved in the loan underwriting process for most all loans, he also continues interfacing with borrowers and investors throughout the loan term managing a highly critical function of our program for those loans that it requires, fund control. MGR and Toby keep close involvement with the 3rd party fund control company utilized to manage the disbursement of loan funds as construction is completed, assisting in monitoring progress to ensure the timely completion of construction and ultimate loan payoff.

Toby is a Central Coast native and is happy that he and his wife have been able to make a life here. After obtaining degrees in Economics as well as an MBA from out of the area, Toby appreciates what the Central Coast has to offer and has worked patiently to become a real estate investor himself in the area. When not spending time with family and friends, he enjoys putting on his tool belt to better his investments.

We Can Help With Real Estate Buying, Selling, Lending or Borrowing

Whether you’re investing, flipping a house, selling a house, or looking for your dream home, MGR can help.