Private Money Lending for Quality Real Estate Investments

MGR offers short term financing to acquire, remodel, or build investment properties for borrowers just like you. Through our many years of Real Estate experience—not only in terms of investment and development, but also as licensed brokers—we know how to properly evaluate the merits of each financing request and can recognize a quality opportunity when we see one.

Helping borrowers secure the capital they need is what we do. Because we underwrite each financing request in house and work directly with independent appraisers, local jurisdictions, fund control companies and other third party professionals, we’re able to make the lending process as quick and efficient as possible.


A Customized Approach Based on Experience

Not all investors are the same. We recognize that. That’s why we take a fully customized approach by establishing a personalized profile that fully incorporates your experience, criteria and goals. Knowing your tolerances and expectations as the investor is the key to a successful working relationship—but also to a successful investment portfolio.

For over 25 years, we’ve been placing private capital, self-directed IRAs, and self-directed 401k-Retirement plans with investments secured by real estate. These first trust deed investments are designed to pay simple interest income throughout the investment term.

Over the years, these trust deed investments have paid annualized yields ranging between 8% and 11%.

For investors & borrowers alike, making your money make money is what we do best.

MGR Private Capital provides short-term financing and first trust deed investment opportunities for investors and borrowers. Or, as we like to put it, “Making Your Money Make Money” is what we do best.

Borrow or invest with MGR today.